Let’s bring back the good ol’ Internet Forums

Based on a robust platform That cares about your privacy and does not steal your data

A passion for creating discussions

So to put it simply, we created our forums based on the robust system of Discourse. We are looking to develop an awesome community and so are our features

Intuitive, Modern Interface

It has a sleek, user-friendly design. We will make sure navigation is a breeze on all devices.

Threaded Discussions

This is Discourse’s heart – organized conversations that are easy to follow. We’ll emphasize this for focused discussions.

Real-Time Updates

Users see new posts and replies instantly, fostering a sense of active community.

Rich Media Integration

Seamlessly embed images, videos, GIFs, and polls within posts to make conversations more engaging.

Powerful Search

The search function is robust. We’ll make sure it’s easy to find past discussions on specific topics.

Notifications and Digests

Customizable alerts via email or mobile app keep you engaged without being overwhelmed

“We are working on a new non-profit system, which will support us, the creators, and the community .”

We are not stopping there

A comprehensive system is being built for you.

No Ads

Your data means it’s yours!

Bots? Not on Our Watch!

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